Remote Voice Control – We choose the best for you!

Install a smart home system with the confidence of knowing you’ll have high-quality and trusted professionals submitting estimates. Embassy Smart home security Installation professionals have the right expertise to tackle your demands and provide you the best of Smart Remote Voice Control. We At Embassy Security Installations, provide super authentic home automation systems with customization capabilities. The monitoring of your home can be done at any time of the day or night, no matter what time it is. A variety of security systems are offered by Embassy Security Installations, including Control Access Systems, Security & Surveillance, Low Voltage cabling solutions, and Intercoms.

Do you want to make your home smart?

Have you locked your door or turned off the lights when you left the house?  Have you ever been stuck in rush hour and had to go back home? Did you just get a notification that someone is on your property while you’re on vacation? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to access your surveillance system remotely from anywhere? With our award-winning home automation company serving the New York City area, we can design and install an exceptional home automation system for you.

A smart home system consists of different elements and devices that allow for separate control of audio-visual, lighting, surveillance and climate. Imagine walking into a warm, cozy home without your heater on all day or entering a cool New York City apartment during a hot summer without your air conditioner running all day. With technological advancements over the past decade, smart home technology and home automation have advanced where you can now manage your home digitally! Turning off your lights, checking your locks, and controlling your home’s climate are all easily accessible tasks that can be taken care of through various apps right on your phone.

What does a Smart Remote Voice Control Does?

With technological advancements, voice-controlled systems and devices have made it possible to automate everyday chores. Increasing the level of efficiency and improving the way that we live our lives, automation has become an important part of regulating numerous aspects of our everyday lives. Remote Voice Control Home Automation are highly cost-effective and efficient for a system that increases overall efficiency. It can be integrated with several functions and operates over voice commands regulated by the Bluetooth, Internet or Wi-Fi. Artificial Intelligence devices that promote voice-based home automation are beneficial for people who seek convenient and time-saving solutions. In addition to being flexible, the device and system can also be connected to numerous devices without any hassles. Apart from that, the installation of such home automation using voice control offers better options for security, simplifying the home security options by integrating voice commands. It helps with managing activities like turning the fans, lights, door locks, curtains, AC etc. on and off, along with giving an option to remote control the entertainment devices like music and songs, radio stations, audiobooks, audio software and podcasts etc.

We provide equipment from top home automation companies as authorized installers and dealers. Does your home or business need audio video installation in NYC? Furthermore, our commercial installations can be done from any location we have, so you can receive the best service possible. Our technology professionals can install speakers, televisions, home theater systems, home automation, home audio, multi-room systems as well as whole house video, audio systems and more. You can rely on our team of home automation engineers, home theater designers and audio-visual technicians to take care of your needs to the best of their ability. With years of experience, each member of our team is well-trained to deal with any issues you may encounter.

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