A good wiring of a home, office or data center is very essential to the security of the critical data’s. While you don’t thing about how your phones, computers, internet and servers works, low voltage or structured cabling is what keeps your technologies connected and communicating with the server. Cities in US leading Low Voltage Contractor and offering low voice, video and voltage cabling services. We are specialized in small to large cabling projects and we offer LV cabling, design and installation services and are specialized in low voltage systems like Structural data and voice cabling, Access Control systems, IP surveillance, as well as
many other low voltage system implementation.

We provide top notch certified design build services for all cabling solutions from network voice and data cabling to fiber optic cabling. With Low voltage cabling solutions from us, you don’t just get equipment’s plugged in, you also get a cabling partner which will keep your business operating, both now and in future.

In order to ensure the security of a business’s mission-critical data, a data center or office must be wired properly.Often employees don’t pay attention to how their computers, phones, internet and servers interact. Low-voltage cabling, also known as structured cabling, is what keeps their digital technologies connected and interactive.In addition to its versatility, low voltage cabling can be used in any type of building for a wide variety of purposes. Low voltage cabling can be used for a variety of applications, including telephone networks, Wi-Fi networks, security and surveillance, etc.

In a low-voltage network, low-voltage cabling provides a reliable, efficient, and consistent foundation for communication equipment and technology.The majority of commercial buildings today are wired with complex systems, including network data, Wi-Fi access, audio equipment, and computer networking.There is a need for a low voltage wiring system that operates independently of standard electrical wiring in order to operate these components.

Your low voltage cabling network’s success is heavily influenced by the setup.The specialized technicians we have on our Embassy Security Installations team can provide you with cabling installation services.Whether you need low voltage cabling installed across multiple facilities or within a single facility, we can meet your needs.

Our low voltage cabling systems are designed to handle future equipment upgrades regardless of the scope of your project.Our low-voltage cable management services are available for data centers, hospitals, and small offices, whether you’re upgrading, installing, or moving.In order to provide you with minimal downtime, our team of experts will get you up and running as soon as possible.Maintaining connectivity and ensuring mission-critical data is secure are critical to business operations.Every project begins with a comprehensive analysis of your facility and the design of the right cable system for your organization.In order to maximize efficiency, reliability, and security, the right layout must be designed and the right equipment selected.

Our Low Voltage Cabling Solutions:

  • Physical network architecture
  • Low voltage cabling
  • Office desks
  • Server rooms
  • Network cleanups
  • Data centers
  • VOIP phone systems
  • Access control systems
  • Wireless access points
  • Multimedia installations