Intercom is the short form from Intercommunication device. You must have noticed a phone or a device on door of building or home it just helps you to communicate with whoever’s knocking your door and it works both ways you could speak and listen through it like an actual phone. We are available with both wired as well as wireless intercoms as we all know wireless system works without any wires/cords and it is more convenient to use. But it will depend like if u want it for a commercial place then the wired one will do the job best and for home and apartments Wireless intercoms are more tidy and easy to use. If you want to install intercom for your house/office, but you are confused about what should you go for, you can call us anytime we will figure out what will be best for you.

Buildings and properties have been secured and accessed more effectively through intercom systems for over a century. Every property can benefit from intercoms, both from a safety and convenience standpoint.The intercom system can be used in any property that requires managed visitor access, from offices and apartment buildings to gated communities and industrial facilities. There have been many forms of intercom systems throughout history. Intercom systems in the early days carried voices over metal tubing connected by a string, similar to the connection between two cans. However, today’s electronic intercoms are built with circuitry capable of transmitting and receiving audio and video digitally.

Many applications can be served by intercom systems, but they are primarily used for communication and access to properties. A public address loudspeaker system, a walkie-talkie system, a telephone system, and other intercom systems can all be connected to an intercom.In some intercom systems, devices such as signal lights and door latches are controlled by the intercom system.

The use of intercoms is widespread; from residential properties that require only a single connection between a resident and an entryway, to multifamily apartments that require intercom hardware in every unit.While controlling an electric strike, some are equipped with video and their wiring (electrical installation) can be connected externally (4-6 pairs).There are even models that are compatible with computers, including those that are TCP/IP compatible.

Using an intercom system, tenants or visitors can call each other in a building, and audio and video signals are sent to substations so that they can communicate with each other.As soon as audio and video are captured, they are transmitted to the substations by the base station.Afterwards, tenants are able to see and speak with visitors before allowing them into the building through the substations.By pressing a button on their device, tenants can unlock the gate or door remotely.

Intercom services:

  • New Home Intercom Installation
  • Door Answering intercoms
  • Door unlocking with app
  • Virtual keys for guests