Access Control systems are facilities that allows you to restrict and allow who has access to recourses on your site. We Offer a wide range of technologies and mechanisms including magnetic strip, keypad, and proximity readers and many more. The general purpose of Access Control system is to verify identification, grant authorization and perform authentication. If an authorization is not given to a specific user, access will not be provided in that case.

In Short it is a kind of security gateway by which a business is protected against potential damage. We Offer effective and reliable Control Access systems as with all our networking and security products, solution is defined and implanted as per your needs.

The computer systems that control access to a network should have access to a network and should be designed to control access through a network.A security system that uses an access control system recognizes and authorizes the entry of someone into a premise in order to ensure the person is fully protected and secure.

One of the most common electronic door control systems is the access control system, which works by using a card or a magnetic stripe which can be swiped through a reader.Security is the primary objective of these access control systems.With the use of card access control systems, people are limited to one side of the door when entering the premises. The use of electronic access control systems may sometimes be integrated with the use of physical access control systems by limiting the users and allowing them to utilize computer resources that are restricted.

Different types of access control systems are used in high security areas, such as biometrics, RFID, door controllers, and card readers.Depending on the security requirements of the company or organization, each access point can be controlled individually.The security of the network is equally important, especially in companies that handle sensitive data.

In recent years, IT systems have become more accessible, and securing those systems and their data has become more challenging.There has been a great deal of high-profile breaches that spawned compliance regulations that expanded how organizations need to secure their systems and protect sensitive data, and thus, further complicated the process.The following methods are used by access control systems to identify, authenticate, and authorize users and entities:

  • By implementing multi-factor authentication, logon security can be enhanced
  • By using solutions for elevated authority management, users can have their privileges restricted
  • Affirming the identity of the user and determining the context of the request in order to grant access to systems and data.

A Wide Range of Customized, Integrable and Fully Remote Systems:;

  • Keypad, Card & Fob Keyless Entry Systems
  • Cloud-Based Access Control Solutions
  • Mobile Access Systems
  • Biometric Access Control System
  • Visitor Management Systems
  • Security Turnstile Systems
  • ID Badging System
  • Centralized administration;
  • Support for on- and off-site management;
  • Access denial to anyone without appropriate credentials;
  • Replaceable and revocable access media;
  • Non-dependency on personnel availability;
  • Definable, tiered access privileges;
  • Configurable for specific time periods;
  • Support for audit trails, reports, and system logs.