An Automated Home Theater is an Enjoyable place around in home containing lots of equipment like projector screen, surround sound, lightning and other additions. In simple words as the name defines it should be like visiting a Movie theater. With Automated home theater it could be very simple just bring your snacks, have a seat and enjoy with your loved ones. We make it very easy to deliver high resolution from any source to any display with integrated controls Embassy security installs enables you to create the exact same experience of a movie theater at your home by just tapping a button on your Smartphone. Create perfect lightning for your theater with integrated light controls and also climate control. Why is it better then a movie theater if you’ll ask? First of all it is quieter and more convenient as compared to local movie theaters. If you are willing to set up a Automated Home theater in your home but not sure of what components to choose, we can help you. We will work with you and find the best equipments for the system you want to build and we will also make sure you have a clear understanding of all components and what they do.

Incorporating home automation into your living space is one of the many advantages of utilizing the “internet of things”. There is a growing trend for smart home systems as they provide security, convenience, and all-around streamlining of one’s living environment. Many homeowners are simply living in the future as a result of these systems.

Automation can keep your family safe and make your daily routine much faster, but you can also enhance your home’s audio-visual experience by using automated home systems. As you explore home automation from the comfort of your living room, you’ll be the envy of all your neighbours with your home theatre system. Home theatre automation systems can either be DIY or built by experts who know a thing or two about smart home technology.

You can now enjoy the cinema experience right at home with a home theatre system and eliminate the hassles of theatre-going. Home automation systems can connect overhead projectors, booming Bluetooth speakers, and crisp automatic lighting to create the mood you want. In addition to widescreen smart TVs and smart home systems that fit in your home automation system, home theatre experts may also offer you a wide selection of other smart home system components as well. Whether it’s your living room or a completely different area, your home theatre automation system will fit your lifestyle easily.

When all you have in your entertainment system is a remote control, you’re pretty much left behind when it comes to home automation. Home automation now includes a range of better control systems, from motion detection to Smartphone apps. Imagine the glory of home theatre automation systems, eliminating the tangle of cables behind your cabinets or the struggle of missing remote controls or unreachable ones due to drained batteries. The smart home automation industry will emphasize home entertainment in the future.

In Order to provide you with the setup you are looking for, our company provides following services:

• Home Theater System Connection and Calibration
• Surround Sound System Installation
• Projector and Projection Screen Installation
• Home Theater Design and Installation
• Motorized screen control
• Lighting control
• Temperature control
• Motorized shades and curtains
• Watch outside camera from same screen