Burglar/Intruder Alarm Systems are such system which detects any unauthorized motion or entry onto a property and gives an immediate alert to the concerned people, Police station, and Fire station. There are many types of mis-happenings going around these days. Suppose you are not at your home and a thief gets into your residence from an open window or even by breaking it and steals all your valuable goods, what could you possibly do in that situation? By the time you will get to know about it. He’ll be gone! So there is a necessity of a Good Burglar Alarm System which will always alert you avoiding such unauthorized or forceful access in the premises and alerts with hooters, notification and with alarms. It just decreases the miss-happenings. These systems with smart technology are available in the market which you can install for your safety.

Burglar and Intrusion Alarm Systems are security solutions that use the latest technologies to detect intruders and prevent them from entering premises by alerting the owners and triggering an alarm.

Different types of alarm systems

  1. A) Based on wiring, there are two types-
  • Wired: There is a cable provided with all of the devices so that they can connect with the control panel and the power source.
  • Wireless: Radio waves connect the devices to the control panel, which interacts with each other wirelessly.
  1. B) Based of monitoring, there are two types-
  • Self-Monitored: Those alarm systems in which the owner or security guard is solely responsible for observation and response during an intrusion fall under the self-monitored alarm category.
  • Professionally Monitored: The company receives an alert when an intrusion attempt occurs, and it sends its professionally trained response team and informs the police at the same time to handle the situation.

Depending on the location, some devices can be installed inside or outside of the premises as part of an alarm system, both in residential and commercial buildings.

Residences Insides: In order to prevent unauthorized entry into a home, security devices are installed in the interiors without being visible to anyone outside. They generate alarms when someone unauthorized enters the protected area.

Residences Outsides: An intrusion attempt is detected by the devices mounted around the perimeter of the homes, and the security personnel are alerted.

Industries Insides: Devices are installed inside industries based on the requirements of the users in order to prevent theft from internal staff and to check whether someone has entered a restricted area.

Industries Outsides: As a result of the presence of high-end equipment and machines, industries are a popular target of outside thieves.For the purposes of deterring and stopping burglars, perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) are installed on the outside walls of the industries.


  • Improved security 24 x 7
  • Affordable and Cost-Effective
  • Deters crime
  • Allows remote access to your property
  • Notifies you of fire or gas problems
  • Self-monitoring